Astrological Remedies

astrologer prediction Astrologer Satish offers you following services :

Initial Consultation

horoscope predictionThis 30 minutes session takes place over the telephone or on Skype or Is Pq or on Google Talk . I interpret your Kundli or Natal Charts. Your Natal Chart or Kundli or Horoscope is the chart prepared according to your date of birth; time of birth and place of birth.

About Astrologer Satish

I look at your chart to tell more about the opportunities available to you and the strengths you can count on to get you where you want to go. I also look for your challenges and obstacles and give you information on how to handle a wide variety of situations by :

(1) advising how to handle th
e situations and also small scale cure meditation relief through Beej Mantras (Secret Key Words)

(2) by performing Curse Cure Meditation Relief’s Process . All areas of your life are included such as career, intimate relationships, friends, co-workers and family, education, marriage, children, self-employment etc.

I also conduct a Compatibility Reading. With the birth information of another person, I can look at compatibility for an intimate relationship as well as a business relationship.


horoscope forocest Always believe that "Astrology is a science which gives an infinite vision in one's life as eyes gives to one's body. So believe astrology as you believe your eyes. So; just call me on Google Talk. My G Talk E Mail ID:; I assure you; I will make an assessment and will answers your questions. I would like to forecast about you and to become your personal Astrologer.

You may have video live talk or chat me at:

(1) On Skype: My Skype Email: My Skype Name is : astrologer.satish.

(2) On Google talk. My Google talk. Email ID: Here My Name is : Satish Jyotshi.

(3) On Is Pq. My Is Pq Email: My iSpQ Name is : astrologer.satish


Written Solution of your one problem send to you by E Mail: If you want to receive your one problem solution by E Mail; then send me your problem and your E Mail.