What is our Destiny?

destiny Famous Astrologer Ellen Leo writer writes in his book " To your own nativity" page no 232 ----Character is destiny and that we in our past lives have woven the web of destiny by our own thinking and thus today are weaving the web of our future horoscope.
Destiny is defined as," The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined one's lot a predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control. Destiny is what's meant to be, what's written in the stars, your inescapable fate. "
There is no avoiding destiny - its going to happen no matter what you do. But before you get bogged down worrying about what the distant future holds, remember what Winston Churchill said: It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.

Principals of universe

best astrologer in indiaGod has created this universe on the following principals: In this Universe; no doubt individuals deeds are very important but the most important is good or bad feelings behinds ones deeds. God delivers the fruits of deeds according to good or bad feelings behind those deeds. Saint Tulsi says in Ramayan that Karam prdhan Visv rachi rakha jas- jas bhav karam kari tas- tas phal chakha. (This world is guided by ones deeds however its the emotions or feelings which dictate the results.) As you sow; so shall you reap.

How destiny play its part

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" Destiny is the decision or plan made by God or Supreme Power" for us according to our karmas or deeds (done by you) in your previous births before entering to your mothers womb or taking current birth. There are following types of destiny that our soul has to pay the debt of our deeds / karmas - -

Self destiny:

self destiny A soul has to undergo or perform deeds, willingly or unwillingly, or to satisfy desires of others, in the current birth. If its results are not completed in this birth; then soul has to pay the debt of deeds or karmas in the next birth. This self destiny starts right from his/ her birth from the parents. Always keep in mind that this is the result of deeds or karmas performed by that particular soul with others relations such as parents, ancestors, brothers, sisters, friends, wife, husband, land or house.Shani Graha- Saturn Planet represents Self Destiny .

Ancestral Destiny:

ancestral destiny In this case soul has to pay the debt of his grandfather; maternal grandfather; great grant parents; whether they may be sins deeds or virtuous deeds of previous life. In Mahabharata; answering question of Dharam Raj Udhisther; Bhism Pitamaha said,"papam karam kritam kinchit ydi tasmin n dreshyte ! Nrepte tasya putreshu potreshvpi ch naptrshu!! Hey Dharamraj; If we see that one is not paying the debt of his sin deeds performing in his birth time, right from his childhood; then his son, daughter , grandson, great grandson; maternal grandson etc. will pay that amount of sin deeds during that life times. This means results of sin deeds never destroy; but that will have to be paid by his future generation. Rahu planet / star represents Ancestor Destiny.

Mother Destiny:

mother destiny In this case soul has to pay the debt of his mother deeds of previous whether they may be sins deeds or virtuous deeds. There is a proverbs,"n matu: pardevtam" meaning by - no God or Goddess is greater than Mother. Therefore there is a popular saying ,"Matridevo bhav"meaning that always think mother as a Goddess. A man or woman has to live in his mother womb for nine months. He will grown up by taking his Mother's milk. Mother think better for the welfare of her child always . Her blood always run in her child blood. To become a son or a daughter is a very good sign. But a man or a woman has to pay the debt of sin deeds of his/ her mother destiny seldom. For example: a son or a daughter of a virgin mother or unmarried girl. Moon planet / star represents Mother Destiny.

Father Destiny:

father destineyIn this case soul has to pay the debt of deeds or karmas of his/ her Father. Therefore there is a popular saying, Matridevo bhav; Pitridevo bhav meaning that always think your mother as a Goddess and your father as a God. Father is generator, organizer and protector for his son or daughter . He always endeavor for utmost welfare of his child as well as his wife. His blood always run in his child blood. Sometimes a man or a woman has to pay the debt of sin deeds of his/her father destiny. For example: Taking birth as a son or a daughter of a dacoit, rouge, terrorist, culprit etc. Sun star represents Father Destiny.

Wife / Husband Destiny:

wife and husband  destiney In this case soul has to pay the debt of his wife deeds of previous life. A man or a woman unites after marriage by their destiny or previous life deeds. Suppose, if a woman was inimical for your sexual harassment for a long time in your previous birth; then for taking her revenge she will become your wife in this birth. Soon after marriage with her in this birth; your downfall starts. She will mentally torture you ( Her husband) throughout the life. She will always discourage you. On the other hand; If previous life’s deeds are good, then after marriage; luck or destiny of Husband starts rising. His wife always helps to fulfill her husband hopes; desires and ambitions of life. This means, she was best friend or a well wisher of Her Husband in previous life. This way, Wife Destiny affects Husband life. A woman is similarly affected by her Husband Destiny. Venus planet represents Wife/ Husband Destiny.

Children Destiny:

children destiney You may be a millionaire or a billionaire having a very beautiful wife excellent position; infinite power & wealth;several servants to serve; but unluckily if you are not blessed with a child (Son or Daughter) then all these virtues became useless. On the other hand; even If you are too poor to earn even daily needs (meals, clothes, water) but are blessed with a child; you will forget all daily struggles of life in evening while entering your house on the sight of your son or daughter playing or giggling or running towards you and your joy seems no bounds when you embrace your child. This indescribable power or joy resides in his / her child's love or affection . Why this is so, Because this child has been born from his/her own blood. Child is a part of their blood. That is how parents destiny is affected by destiny of a child. Experiences & analysis validate clearly that destiny of parents and children are interdependent. Children will be luckiest if parent’s destiny is blessed with happiness and prosperity. If parents destiny is cursed with destiny of their children; then Rajyog (Royal Destiny) of children will also be destroyed and they have to face many critical problems.
Jupiter planet represents Children Destiny.

Company Destiny:

company destineyA man is known by the company he keeps a proverbs says. In this case soul has to pay the debt of his friends deeds of previous life. If you are a Saint; but you keeps company of a thief or a dacoit; or a terrorist ; then that Saint will also be considered as a thief or a dacoit; or a terrorist. In Sanskrit language there is a proverb, Sangatisangdosen satam ch mativibhram. which means that bad company generates doubt in the minds of gentleman also. If we throw water on stone daily then size of even a stone will reduces man is certainly affected by the bad company he keeps. Bad company destroys your criteria; your brain power; your intelligence. So always avoid bad company. Mercury planet represents Company Destiny.

House/ Land Destiny:

house and properity destiny A family lives in a house it passes its time happily and make remarkable progress while living in that house. By chance after some time that family go to live in another house; then sometime that family loses its wealth; power and position. In certain cursed house; there are death one after another. Though the horoscope of every family members reflect good fortune; but that family is rolling down day by day. Why it is so, My research suggest that this is all due to bad destiny of the owner of that land or house. And they will have to pay its debt of deeds of previous life. One who lives in that cursed house or bad house/ land destiny; starts suffering due to unfavorable land or house destiny. Mars planet represents House / Land Destiny.

Above discussion authenticates that we have to pay the debt of our previous deeds in eight types of Destiny. Our soul has to pay the debt of our deeds of our previous life from birth to death in followings stages:-
1) Childhood
2) Early young age
3) Young Age
4) Early Elder age
5) Elder age
6) Death Stage
A human being has to pay the debt of deeds of his/ her previous life in two ways:-- (1) By Body ( Sun) (2)By Mind ( Moon)
Body (Sun)
Self Destiny
Ancestral Destiny
Children Destiny
Father Destiny
House/ Land Destiny

Mind (Moon)
Mother Destiny
Company Destiny
Wife/ Husband Destiny

A Famous English Astrologer Rafel writes in his book - A Guide To Astrology. A part of astrology which relates to the determination of future events is the most difficult, the least understood and perhaps the most unsatisfactory part. I may be allowed to say that the unsatisfactory condition of this part is a wise intervention of God, for if one knew for certainty what is going to happen at a particular time at least half of the world would be either lunatic or suicidal.
Predictions of meteorological department about the weather forewarn us to take certain precautions, areas to avoid etc. These predictions based on various scientific tools help us to face the weather in a better manner.
Similarly predictions based on time tested principals, ancient techniques, research and by a person who has been specially blessed by God, empowers us to tackle our destiny in a better manner. It helps us to choose best course of action, the best way forward. It cautions us what to avoid, what precautions to take. The remedies suggested or performed by a qualified Astrologer boost our morale and enhance our confidence level to face this world.