ERADICATING Curse by Meditation

meditation It is a Karam Kand Anusthaan( Based on Tantra) performed by the Specialist Karamkandi to minimise the negative effect of Curse(Shrap). Most of us believe in re-birth. However, very few peoples remember about their past birth. No Body remembers what he/she has done in his/ her past birth.
That is why if some thing wrong happens to us even if we have not done anything wrong in this birth, a questions arises in our mind. Why me.

Answer of this question is our Karmic account in past re-births. We had surely done something wrong in these past births. We have to clear our Karmic account any ways. If we don't keep our karmic account clear it will affect us on our next re-birth. Next Birth Will also affects our karmic account of this birth. Curse Cure Meditation Process is a special type of remedy which minimise negative effects of our past karmic account.

There is Process of life cycle which keeps rotating years after years. Shrap Shanti Vidhi Karam which is also known as Curses Cure Meditations is the solutions for all types of Curses ( Shraps).

For a particular type of Curse, a particular type of Curse Cure Meditation is performed. This is also called Rewriting of your Destiny by Divine Supreme Power. If Divine Supreme Power accepts that particular critical type of meditations, She confers her divine blessings, showers her divine mercy and divine grace by rewriting the destiny. A number of Anusthaan (Secret Meditations Process) such as Shrap Shantividhikaram, Kaalshrap Yog Shantividhi Karam, Shree Sat Chandi Anusthhan, Shree Sahasttra Chandi Anusthaan, Shree Das Sahasttra Chandi Anusthaan, Tantrokt Shree Durga Sapatsati Anusthaan, Shree Maha Marityunjaya Anusthaan, Pauranik Rudrabhishek, Shree Bilav paryogani, Amoghasttar Paryog; Pashupatastar, Shree Baglamukhii Brahmasttar Paryog and Khagmala Paryog Shree Mahaviprit Prtayangira Paryog; Maha Kamakhya Paryog, Apsara Anusthaan; Mansa Khagmala Paryog, Samast Mangal Naam stri Guru Kavach, Guru Kavach; Bagla Mukhi Kavach; Trelokya Mohan Gansh Kavach; Tara Kavach and different types of Havans are performed by the special kind of blessings , mercy and grace of Divine Supreme Power; Supreme Power or Lord or God.