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?"Supreme Power gives everyone time to rule or to play part in Her kingdom of Time and Space; in this infinite universe or world according to one's meditation. Sometimes Devil rule over the Earth; sometimes Divine Angel rule over the Earth. Change is the nature of Supreme Power. As you are seeing; Devils are ruling over some countries. Devils are more than Divine Angels. But the Time will change. Devil will have to sleep or die. He will also die. And be sure that Divine Angel will rule over the Earth about 3500 years. Time is coming very soon." ....... Astrologer Satish
?"Total Age of this earth= One Kalp = 4,32,00,00,000 Years. Current age of this Earth = 1,95,58,85,112 Years Balance age of this Earth = 2,36,41,14,888 Years." So no need to worry. There is no need to worry that Earth planet is going to collapse. or there will be some such climatic disorders or such series of earthquakes or tsunami or etc. that whole of the living beings or human beings will be destroyed in 2012 A.D. There may be some earthquakes; some climatic disorders due to global warming; there may be some other critical problems." Astrologer Satish
?" Always remember that Saving Power is more powerful than Destroying Power. Also keep in mind that One who has made this universe; who is governing this universe; He / She is not going to destroy this Earth or Universe very soon. He / She is our Father or Mother. You may call Her/ Him as a Supreme Power or God or Lord. Being a Soul you are the Infinite entity of Supreme Power or Lord or God. Because your's Physical body will destroy ; but your's Soul will never be destroyed by the Space and Time. So meditate yourself and enjoy every moment of your's life. Always think that Supreme Power is your's Mother and you are Her Child and then you will enjoy every moment of your's life. May Divine Supreme Power bless everyone such divine wisdom , meditation, love and peace so that everyone can feel himself or herself a Divine Angel on this Earth a...

Published on 23 Jun 2013
Forecasting of Online Astrologer Satish Kumar about Indian Vikrami Sambat 2070
(From 11th April 2013 to 30 March 2014) Video

Dear Friends & Well Wishers;Today on 23 rd June; 2013; I am (Online Astrologer Satish Kumar ) forecating on My divineastro Channel on You Tube; Today Forecasting Title: There is no End Of The World in August 2013. Balance age of this Earth = 2,36,41,14,887 Years."

(1) There is no End Of The World in August 2013. Planet X or Nibiru will not hit the Earth in August 2013 while passing nearby earth in our solar system. See Nibiru or Planne. The Earth will not be destroyed by Nibiru or Plannet X . Because as per Indian Astrological Calculations and Hindu Shastra Mythology; "Total Age of this earth= One Kalp = 4,32,00,00,000 Years. Current age of this Earth = 1,95,58,85,113 Years. Balance age of this Earth = 2,36,41,14,887 Years." So no need to worry. There is no need to worry that Planet X or Nibiru will hit the Earth and the world will end in August 2013. See My Previous Year Forecasting also.

My Forecasting is against to these videos forecastings. (1) Planet Nibiru to pass Earth by August 2013

(2)The End Of The World will Be August 2013 (2) I want to add here simply that there is no doubt that Planet X called Nibiru's gravitational force will result unexpected unnatural disasters like Cyclones; Heavy Rains; heavy Floods; Earthquakes; volcano; tsunami will break out all previous records in some parts of the world. Some Glaciers will turns into rivers and results heavy floods .
(3) (a)This Vikarami Sambat Year 2070 (From 11th April 2013 to 30 March 2014 ( will be remembered as a Dreadful Year for Humanities. The people remain busy in religious work.

(b) Everyone will bow his head before the Powers of God and Nature.

(c) Enemies countries Leaders will arrange Peace Conference Meetings. The Government will make Infinite Planning for the welfare of Humanities in this year. But the Government, Leaders will be blamed by the people not to fulfill their promises.

(d) The crops , vegitables will grow in large scale.

(e) The high society people will remain busy in celebrating big functions. Terrisom; Bomb blast will grow in Muslim or Arab Countries.

(f) India, France, Britain, Spain, Itally; Beljium, America, Purtgal will face critical economic crisis.

(g) In India; political situations will become so critical that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will have to resign before 2014 elections.

(h) There are possibilities of war between India; China & Pakistan.
(4)Topmost Leaders of the some nations of the World will remain busy in War, War making Plannings and capturing lands of enemies nations forcibly; what " Parabhav Sambat" of Vikarami Sambat 2070 Forecast.
(5) next.....What This Parabhav Sambat Says," Who are you before me? You have no existence before me. I will destroy you, your position, power, wealth & happiness at any cost; whether I will exist or not." Here I will stand the most Powerful Nations, Leaders & most egoist persons.
(6) The Sun Happiness; the Moon Happiness; The Land Happiness; The Wealth Happiness & the Brain Happiness will be died or likely to die of the World. Rapes with babies; woman & girls; uncertain suicides; will be increased. Natural disasters like Cyclones; Heavy Rains; heavy Floods; Earthquaqes;volcano; tsunami will break out many year previous records. Why this will happen in this Vikarmi Sambat Year 2070? Because Sun, Moon, Mar, venus & murcury star are lying in eight house of this sambat New Year Entrance Horroscope. Eight house is the death house.
(7) The Government , Humanities instituions like UNO & others of the Worlds will remain busy to make balance; but can not stop the mishappenings. The situations will change so unexpectedely; so miracly; that it seems that only God can save the Humanity & Earth.
(8) Anger, jealous , destruction power will be increased in every human beings infinitely; & the situations will be uncontrolled; and will not be solved by any Government Power; Leaders and Human creations ( Machiniaries; organisations etc.). In this critical situations; Every one will call for God to help Him.
Your's truly;
Online Astrologer Satish Kumar