Know Your Future

know your future All of us are aware of our past and present, but everyone wants to learn about their future. There are two methods to know the future:

1) Spiritual Way

2) Astrology

Spiritual Way is very difficult and lengthy process. One in millions may follow spiritual way. So, Astrology is the easiest way. Spiritual peoples have written a number of books for the welfare of humanity and it is a sin if we criticize them. Many people argue that knowing your future is not good as there is no gain but only pain. They argue that there will be a lot of excitement as well as depression.

But knowing Your Future is not bad. Let's take an example: Suppose a man catch up with unknown disease. And he does not follow a proper treatment, he may meet death. However, if he is aware of the disease, he can pursue proper treatment & get cured. So by knowing your future one can take care about upcoming problems and also obtain their solution. Astrology not only recognizes these problems in advance but also offers solutions to face these problems. This results into a safe and secure future. Famous Saint Sant Hazoor Maharaj Charan Singh ji has said:

"Nothing can happen without his Grace, and that Grace and our effort go side by side. The more efforts we make, the more Grace he Showers on us to make more efforts. He is all Powerful and no laws apply to Him ". Do you want to know more about your Future ? Click here


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