Sade Sati

sade sati Sade-Sati is the 7½ years long period of Saturn (Shani). This astrological phase is much feared by those in India who give credence to Indian Astrology. According to those believes, this is a period with many impediments & challenges. The Planet Saturn (Shani) takes on an average a little over 29 months to traverse through each constellation or sign or Rashi of the zodiac. This can be rounded up to 2.5 years per sign or 30 years for one revolution around the zodiac. The impact of Sade-sati is supposed to be felt differently by people of different moon signs. It is said that people of Aquarius Moon sign do not have any ill effects from Sade-sati, while people of Leo Moon sign feel the most adverse impact.

For example if a person was born in Leo Moon Sign, his Sade Sati starts with transit of Saturn into Cancer and continues till Saturn transit into Libra . Saturn transition into Cancer is called as first phase of Sade Sati, Saturn transition into Leo(Janma Rashi) is called as middle or Acute Phase of Sade Sati, Saturn transition into Virgo is called as Third Phase or Final Phase of Sade Sati. Normally an individual experiences only three cycles of Sade Sati in his life time. The First cycle is highly intense and there would be obstacles and hardships in what ever we do. This period also troubles the parents of the native who suffers from it. Second cycle of Sade Sati is less intense compared to First Cycle. In this period the native sails through hardships and labour & the progress of the individual continues after overcoming various obstacles. But there could be loss of parents and other elder family members. Third cycle of Sade Sati is extremely harsh and exhibit very high intensity. The native may face serious illness, fear of death and physical hardships in this period. Very few people survive during this time. The following remedial measures can be made to cut down the malefic results of the Sade-Sati of the Shani.

Pour 8 kilograms of mustard oil in an iron pot and look your face into it. Now, take this oil to a Shani temple and offer the oil at Shani idol while wearing wet red Lungi. It is an appropriate manner of Tel-abhishek (bathing Shani idol with oil).